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      • ***Some features may not work using Internet Explorer***
        -Choose from almost 1000 fonts
        -Add elements to your design
        -Upload your own logos and elements
        -Upgrade to 3D raised embossing
        -Add a matching cutter to suit your embosser
        -Add a reduced priced duplicate embosser (Great for large orders when working with others)
        -Draw and erase your design to edit them exactly how you would like
        -Create your design before you order it
        -Save your designs and edit them again for future orders
        Although this App can be used on a phone device for best experience we recommend a tablet or desktop computer
      • -Text will look better larger it is on the cookie
        -If you need a lot of text ensure you design it for a larger cookie
        -Smaller and thinner the font/text is weaker the embosser will be
        -Text is recommended to be at least 4mm in height for standard imprinting
        -Text is recommended to be at least 10mm in height for raised 3D text
        -For best results for raised 3D text use wider fonts, selecting BOLD can improve text clarity
      • -Ensure the element isn't placed too small on the cookie
        -You can upload your own elements using the Upload Logo or Element option
        -You can use the Add Drawing tool to adjust the element if needed
        -Our element collection will continue to grow over time, if you would like an element added to our selection please send your request to [email protected]
        (requests may take 7 days to be uploaded)
      • -Not all logos or elements are suitable for embossing but generally with some minor changes we can make them work.
        If unsure please place the order and we will make contact if there is an issue
        -For best results upload a clear high resolution artwork
        -Shading or watercolour designs may not be suitable for an embosser, BOLD solid colour designs work best
        -Designs using multiple dots may not be suitable
        -Using the Add Drawing tool you can adjust the element or logo if needed e.g. removing or adding parts
        -Text is recommended to be at least 4mm in height for standard imprinting
        -Text is recommended to be at least 10mm in height for raised 3D text
        -Removing the background of elements or logos may be needed. If you do not have a program to do it, this Website works well
      • Designs may need to be modified by us if the text and elements are positioned too small.
        If we believe the design needs major adjustments we will be in contact to discuss options after you have placed the order
        A user who uploads artwork (designs, logos, elements) agrees they have necessary permission/licence to use them.

        This application is to be used solely for ordering custom embossers from Custom Cookie Cutters
        All designs made on this application are subject to Copyright Protection and may not be used by anyone else without written approval from Custom Cookie Cutters
      • Copyright © 2020
        All Rights Reserved.

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    Click or drag to add text

    Click or drop high resolution logo or element here

      Free drawing mode

      Save this color
        Tips: Mouse wheel on the canvas to quick change the brush size

        Bug Reporting

        Please let us know if you find any bugs on this design tool or just your opinion to improve the tool.

        Tips: If you want to send content with screenshots or videos, you can upload them to imgur.com or any drive services and put links here.

        • Start designing by adding objects from the left side
        • All selected objects are grouped | Ungroup?
        • Group objects Group the position of selected objects
          • Fill options

            Save this color

          • Create QRCode
          • Options
            • Automatically align the position of
              the active object with other objects
            • ON: Keep all current objects and append the template into
              OFF: Clear all objects before installing the template
            • Replace the selected image object instead of creating a new one
          • Replace image
          • Crop
          • Mask
            • Select mask layer

          • Remove background
            • Remove background

            • Deep:

            • Mode:

          • Filters
            • Filters

              • Original
              • B&W
              • Satya
              • Doris
              • Sanna
              • Vintage
              • Gordon
              • Carl
              • Shaan
              • Tonny
              • Peter
              • Greg
              • Josh
              • Karen
              • Melissa
              • Salomon
              • Sophia
              • Adrian
              • Roxy
              • Singe
              • Borg
              • Ventura
              • Andy
              • Vivid
              • Purple
              • Thresh
              • Aqua
              • Edge wood
              • Aladin
              • Amber
              • Anne
              • Doug
              • Earl
              • Kevin
              • Polak
              • Stan

            • Brightness:

            • Saturation:

            • Contrast:

          • Clear Filters
          • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
          • QRCode text
          • Fill options
            • Fill options

              Save this color

              • Transparent:

              • Stroke width:

              • Stroke color:

            • Ungroup position
            • Arrange layers
            • Position
              • Object position

                Lock object position:

              • Center vertical
              • Top left
              • Top center
              • Top right
              • Center Horizontal
              • Middle left
              • Middle center
              • Middle right
              • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
              • Bottom left
              • Bottom center
              • Bottom right
            • Transforms
              • Rotate:

              • Skew X:

              • Skew Y:

              • Flip X:
                Flip Y:

                Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

            • Change Font
            • Edit text
              • Edit text

              • Font size:

              • Letter spacing

              • Line height

            • Text Effects
              • Text Effects

              • Radius

              • Spacing

              • Curve

              • Height

              • Offset

              • Trident

            • Text align
            • Uppercase / Lowercase
            • Font weight bold
            • Text style italic
            • Text underline
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