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Candy is here and boy is she bringing the cheer. This vibrant pink is sure to brighten up your baking and inspire all kinds of fun-filled sweets. Pair it with Yellow and Sky Blue for the perfect Summer palette.

With Oil, Royal can spoil & Macs can crack, so our unique Aqua Blend pigments are your best friend for turning oil & fat sensitive products into bold & brilliant bakes.

Our Aqua Blend pigments are perfect for colouring oil & fat sensitive products that are best enjoyed dry. They can be used to colour Royal Icing, Macarons, Meringue, Fondant, Jellies, Beverages & more!

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    Before getting started, use the bottle lid to pop a hole in the seal and give the bottle a good shake.
    Our pigments pack a punch so take it slow when colouring, starting with just a few drops and mixing as you go.
    Tip: If you have time and for the best results, let your mixture sit overnight.
    Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

    Using more drops will increase the intensity of colour and less will create softer hues. Build the colour slowly as you mix your batter to achieve your desired hue.

    Blended & bottled in Australia from local & imported ingredients.

    • Allergen free
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Halal suitable
    • Kosher certified
    • No added sugar

    This product meets the food safety standards of Australian and New Zealand Food Authority (FSANZ).

    Size 20ml.

    Certified by Kosher Australia KC#323076

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