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Bring a little bling to your baking with the Colour Mill 23 karat edible Gold Leaf transfer sheets. Brush it onto your bakes or transfer it onto your treats to brighten up every bite.

Working with Gold Leaf:

Gold leaf is a delicate sheet of edible, 23 karat gold designed to brighten up your baking with a bit of bling. Gold leaf is non-toxic and safe for consumption.

Gold Leaf is best applied to a tacky (but not wet) surface. If working with a hard medium like fondant, use a food-safe paint brush to lightly dampen the area with water.
To transfer your sheet, place leaf face down on your sweet surface. Lightly rub the back of the sheet before gently peeling away, revealing the incredible edible glamour.
The secret to long-life-leaf is keeping it stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry spot.

Use me to add a touch of bling to cakes, cookies, chocolates, macarons and all your favourite sweet treats.

***UK & USA Customers: This product is not available in our UK or USA workshops, extra shipping charges will apply to have sent from Australia. (Contact for details.)