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Welcome to the Villa Haunted House Sera Sera Set! This creepy AF combo includes all the ingredients you need to create a creepy haunted house cookie this Halloween. Make your spooky creations come alive with the help of this statement set! So come on over and get creative with some ghoulishly delicious treats.

Designed specifically for you to add multiple elements to one cookie with ease, creating a layered effect with different colours, stamps, stencils and textures! With different "on trend" shapes to choose from, the designs and themes you can create are endless.

The Villa Haunted House is available in 3 options:

  • Multi-layer Villa Cutters Only (3 piece cutter set inc door)
  • Matching Debosser Only
  • Multi-layer Cutter & Haunted House Debosser Set

Measures approximately 95 x 95mm and fit a 100 x 100mm box.

Any added imprints, stencils or moulds are for display and inspirational purposes only. 

NEW! In collaboration with Shanni-Lea, founder and baker of Cake Sera Sera specializing in bespoke cookies and cupcakes, we are excited to release a range of destination inspired cutter sets. These cutter sets are designed to create multi-layered cookies with a focus on the center feature cookie. These trending multi-layered cookies are great additions to any events and parties.

Cutter come in a lovely blue plastic with tapered edge for sharp cutting.

Orders from Australia will be made and manufactured locally from PLA which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources including cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots or even potato starch.

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Orders from America and England have our products made in those countries and sent direct to you so no long waits on international shipping or VAT.

Hand wash only, keep below 50 degrees/c (122 degrees/f)/ *DO NOT wash in dishwasher.

*All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied. Designs and images have been provided to Custom Cookie Cutters by Cake Sera Sera and we have been given exclusive authority to reproduce the Cake Sera Sera cutters for resale.