Brand: Custom Cookie Cutters

Product Code: SS102

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You can now add little bit of fun to your embossing with these cute icons!

The Icon Stamp Set is the perfect addition to your regular small size stamp set.

Icons include:

Diamond, Bunny, Heart Outline, Heart Solid, Egg, Rings, Engagement Ring, Lips, Cross, Instagram, Nappy Pin, Rocking Horse, Smile Face, Star, Thumbs Up, Balloon, Sock, Holly, Bear, Poo


This set does not come with a holder, it suits the standard small holder that is readily available. Each stamp piece is 13.7mm tall and the maximum size of symbol is 6.3mm.


Set is 3D printed, some parts are delicate so care needs to be taken when moving the finer pieces in and out of the holder.


Symbol Set is also available from here.